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Who Is Bootcamp For?

The Determined Enthusiast

You are a newer pickleball fanatic who has your heart set on getting as good as you possibly can, as QUICKLY as you possibly can.

The Savvy Senior

You're not as young as you used to be and you know you can't beat your competitors with power or speed. That's why you know you're gonna have to depend on your strategy and finesse to really improve your game.

The 3.0-4.0 Competitor

You play competitively, and you've done well in your skill group, but you want to take your game to the next level and start winning more games (and medals!) at the NEXT skill level.

The Program:

This 4-day intensive training program includes a total of 15 HOURS (but I'm usually with you much longer!) of court time in 7 on-court training sessions.

This means you will have plenty of time with me so you can actually create lasting change in MANY aspects of your game.

Here's what we'll cover in each session...

On-Court Training Session #1: Establishing a Baseline
Session 1 is all about Evaluation and Assessment.

It’s where I see exactly what you’re doing right and (more importantly) what you need help with so that you don’t waste a minute of time blindly following the advice of every Tom, Dick and Harriet, but you can ZERO IN on YOUR particular weaknesses, which will have the greatest impact on improving YOUR game.

On-Court Training Session #2: Drop Shot 'til You Drop
Session 2 is all about The Drop Shot.

The single most common question I get from people (once they know what a drop shot IS) is “How Can I Improve My Drop Shot?”
In session #2, we drill on the drop shot, hitting it from the baseline, from mid-court and (maybe most importantly) defending against a BAD drop shot PLUS, I give you specific feedback on how to improve YOURS.
This means that by the end of this session, you’ll know what it feels like to sink drop shot after drop shot, and EXACTLY what you were doing RIGHT to make it happen so that when you go home, my voice will be ringing in your head and you’ll be able to do the same thing at home.

On-Court Training Session #3: Be a Shark at the Net
Session 3 is all about playing at the net.

In this session, we’ll work on improving your dinks, volleys and put-away shots, so that you feel comfortable, confident and assured when you play at the non-volley line so that you’ll never feel intimidated playing against another team at the net.
PLUS, I’ll show you how to slow the ball down, so that you can take control of the point, take advantage of the opportunities you get (instead of blowing them), and win MORE games — even and especially against hard-hitters.

On-Court Training Session #4: Developing Consistency
Session 4 is all about consistency.

I always say that there is virtually no difference in skill level between a 4.0, a 4.5 and a 5.0 player. The difference is consistency.
In this session, we pull out the ol’ ball machine (okay, actually it’s almost brand new), and get you set up drilling on your weakest shots. This means that when you go home, instead of saying “Oh no, they’re hitting to my backhand” you’ll say, “Oh goodie, they’re hitting to my backhand. I remember how to do this. No biggie.”
PLUS, we’ll also work on dropshots, overheads and any other shots you request, so that you don’t have to worry about leaving Bootcamp without drilling on “that one thing” you know you want to work on…

On-Court Training Session #5: Dance with Your Partner (In the Box)
Session 5 is all about positioning.

This is many people’s FAVORITE part of Bootcamp…
This is all about positioning yourself correctly relative to the ball and your partner so that when you go home, you will be prepared for shots that would have previously gone whizzing by you, you’ll never wonder “Whose shot should that have been?” as you watch it go sailing down the middle, and this is one of the major skills that will move your game into the advanced levels — QUICKLY.

On-Court Training Session #6: Taking It Home
Session 6 is all about YOU...

This is another part of Bootcamp that guests rave about. This is where you’ll get your individualized “Game Plan” assignment to take home with you, so that the improvement doesn’t stop when you leave Bootcamp. You’ll know exactly what YOU need to work on to keep taking YOUR game to an even higher level.

On-Court Training Session #6: Taking It Home

We've all been there - all that hard work in practice and drilling that you did, suddenly seems to vanish when you get into the game situation - no more! This session is all about live play an in-game strategies, all under my watchful eye to ensure that you're applying what you learned the past three days.

Accommodations are NOT included with Bootcamp, however accomodations are generally available within a short drive of the courts. All locations are conveniently chosen to be within 1 hour proximity of a main airport.

"I like Prem's style, it's great. He’s very laid back, very exact. He’s not negative about anything.... I’ve read the book several times before, [but coming to Bootcamp] gives me an experience with the drills that I can now go effectively practice."
John B. - Clearwater, FL || BOOTCAMP PARTICIPANT

The Investment:

I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours developing my pickleball game, my on-court mechanics and strategies, and my philosophy of Smart Pickleball.

The Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience is designed as the FASTEST way to improve your game.

With four days and 15+ hours of court time with me, you will receive individualized instruction and coaching to move you to the next level.

After your Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience, I guarantee that your game will improve.

If you love doubles as much as I do, bring your favorite doubles partner with you. When you return you'll have a practice partner who is as highly trained and motivated as you--ready to move your game to the next level.
Breakthrough Bootcamp is for 3.0 - 4.0 players. If you come solo, don't worry. I'll match you up with players that will be just right for you. But partners get a discount!

Most importantly, try it.

You won't be disappointed.

* Registration is limited to 3.0-4.0 players. Make sure to click here to download my Ratings & Goals Guide to confirm your current skill level before registering.

If you have any questions or concerns go ahead and click the button below to schedule a call and I will be happy to talk it over with you.

Refund Policy

Before Bootcamp -

Special Note Due to the Coronavirus: Due to the virus, we are unable to refund any bootcamps at this time. They will be rescheduled or credited to another bootcamp.

“I cannot say enough great things about Prem's teachings... My husband and I had both read his book.... But to be able to hear him speak about these concepts, listen to him explain in greater detail and then get to practice over and over under his watchful eye was terrific. He has a great teaching style. He is warm and engaging and .... What I liked best about his teaching style was that he emphasized that what he was teaching was “a good way” not THE only method to playing smart pickleball. By doing that [he] took the pressure off of me to feel I needed to do it exactly [his] way and then I could concentrate more on how to execute within my limits. I now feel more confident on the court and much better prepared to deal with the no finesse blam slammers."
Desiré Osman