An Amazing Pickleball Experience in Beautiful France!

Always wanted a pickleball-themed romantic getaway?
Traveling to Europe and plan to take your paddle with you?
Or you want to combine an international vacation with pickleball?
Or never been to France, but know that you can’t stay away from pickleball?
Then my Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience in Fayence, France is for you!

Beautiful Fayence France

As many of you know, I was born in France (specifically Toulouse), and I love to get back there once a year. Fayence is a gorgeous perched village overlooking the plain between the southern Alps and the Esterel massif, which borders the sea between Cannes and Saint-Raphaël.

Domaine Stalenq Huile D’Olive is amazing, and some say they make the best olive oil in the world! There’s a small, private art gallery that is not to be missed, and if you’re into golf, there are TWO stellar golf courses!
There’s also a thriving pickleball community in Fayence, making it the ideal location for YOUR International Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience!

Located Near…

Fayence is very close to the French Riviera! About 45 minutes from Cannes, and about an hour from Nice, you’ll be able to explore (about an hour away), so you can explore the French Riviera!

Dining / Accommodations

As expected, the food is delicious and the hotels are beautiful in one of my favorite French villages. There are great hotels and amazing restaurants in Fayence!

Ready for an International Pickleball Experience?

If so, join me in July for your incredible International Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience!

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