Are you Ready to Pounce? Like a Tiger

To Be Or Not To Be Aggressive

A few months ago, I wrote an article about being aggressive or not. Looks like I did not do the best job, or as my 10-year-old would say – “huh”? Or perhaps my 7-year-old who just looks me straight in the eyes with his hands in the air and says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. Some of you came back with questions so let’s try and clear it up.

When should I be aggressive?

How about when your team is serving?
Why you may ask?
Well, if you are aggressive during your service game, chances are you score a point. But, if for some reason you lose the rally, you are at least not losing a point, you just end up losing your serve.

When should I be less aggressive or be more circumspect?

Well, I would suggest it when you are part of the receiving team.
Being aggressive while receiving, and losing that rally, only adds a point to your opponent’s score. So, I would strongly suggest being more patient in setting up your shots when you are the receiving team and wait for your opponents to make the unforced error. “Patience Grasshopper”. Wait, wait, wait . . . just like a crouching tiger. Your opportunity will come!!

This is nice and dandy Prem but what does being aggressive mean in a game?

Nice question?
Is aggression about hitting the ball as hard as you can?…..maybe
But that’s not it.
Is aggression about driving the ball to your opponent’s backhand?

Is aggression all about power?
Not Necessarily.
Power comes in different forms, but the best way in this game is to place balls in areas on the court that make it harder for your opponents to negotiate. As I like to call it – Play SMART Pickleball!

Aggression and Power can come simply from doing the following:

Guess what?
Fire it at them. That’s right. Fire the ball at their body, or better yet, aim for the right or left shoulder or hip depending on the dominate hand your opponent plays with
Now some of you wonder if it’s ethical to hit a pickleball to someone who might not be as skilled as you are.
Or you are playing with your grandparents/ grandkids who are not as skilled as you. Well, no but visit this link to get clarity when and where it’s good to be aggressive.
I hope this article clarifies some opportunities on when to be aggressive. Use it especially while playing in tournaments and/or competitive games.
As Thanksgiving is soon approaching – I am so grateful for being alive. Grateful to be able to wake up and play and coach pickleball. And most of all so grateful for my family and kiddos.
Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

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