Bootcamp Express

A more affordable bootcamp experience with the World’s Premier Pickleball Coach: Bootcamp Express!

What is Bootcamp Express?

Bootcamp Express is an intensive 2-day bootcamp that focuses more on skills and strategies during live play scenarios.

What’s the ratio of instructor to participant?

The ratio will still be 1 to 8; there’s a maximum of 16 participants, and Prem will have another certified instructor with him.

What’s the schedule like?

Like the 4-day bootcamp, this will still be pretty intensive! Two days, with 12+ hours of coaching. Here’s the schedule for the two days:

Day 1:

9 am to noon - Mix and match play (Evaluation & Assessment) / Drop Shot 1 pm to 4 pm - Kitchen Play

Day 2:

9 am to noon - Dancing with Your Partner 1 pm to 4 pm - Match Readiness & Strategy

When and Where?

Saturday, May 21, through Sunday, May 22, 2022

Scott Pickleball Courts at Rockwood Park 3401 Courthouse Rd Richmond, VA 23236

Who is Bootcamp Express for?

Any 3.0 to 4.0 self-rated player dedicated to improving his or her game!

How much?

Only $597 per person!

Do I get anything else?

Absolutely! You get immediate access to the ebook version of Smart Pickleball as well as the Drop Shot Master Class!

What if I want additional time with Prem?

On the second day, you can sign up for an additional hour of personal coaching with Prem and up to three other players for only $50 each.

Questions about Bootcamp?
Accommodations are NOT included with Bootcamp Express; however accomodations are generally available within a short drive of the courts. All locations are conveniently chosen to be within 1 hour proximity of a main airport.
"I like Prem's style, it's great. He’s very laid back, very exact. He’s not negative about anything.... I’ve read the book several times before, [but coming to Bootcamp] gives me an experience with the drills that I can now go effectively practice."
John B. - Clearwater, FL || BOOTCAMP PARTICIPANT
And The Learning Starts Today

When you register for Bootcamp today, you DON'T have to WAIT for Bootcamp Express in order to get started improving your game, because you'll get...

* Registration is limited to 3.0-4.0 players. Make sure to click here to download my Ratings & Goals Guide to confirm your current skill level before registering.
If you have any questions or concerns go ahead and click the button below to schedule a call and I will be happy to talk it over with you.

Refund Policy

Your best experience is based on a full Bootcamp Express of 16 players to insure we have a good balance of foursomes.

Special Note Due to the Coronavirus: Due to the virus, we are unable to refund any bootcamps at this time. They will be rescheduled or credited to another bootcamp.

“I cannot say enough great things about Prem's teachings... My husband and I had both read his book.... But to be able to hear him speak about these concepts, listen to him explain in greater detail and then get to practice over and over under his watchful eye was terrific. He has a great teaching style. He is warm and engaging and .... What I liked best about his teaching style was that he emphasized that what he was teaching was “a good way” not THE only method to playing smart pickleball. By doing that [he] took the pressure off of me to feel I needed to do it exactly [his] way and then I could concentrate more on how to execute within my limits. I now feel more confident on the court and much better prepared to deal with the no finesse blam slammers."
Desiré Osman

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