Cincinnati – July 2019

The Pickleball Guru Is Coming to Cincinnati in July!

Prem Carnot, aka the Pickleball Guru, will be holding clinics and a bootcamp in July at Clear Creek Park!
Prem is the author of the Amazon bestselling book Smart Pickleball, and has helped thousands of pickleball players throughout the world improve their game!
Many consider Prem the best pickleball coach in the business. This is because Prem is not only passionate about pickleball, he’s passionate about you improving your pickleball game!
Depending on your skill level, Prem will be holding a two-day clinic + semi-private on Tuesday, July 9 / Wednesday, July 10, for 2.0 to 3.5 players; and a bootcamp for 3.0 to 4.0 players on Friday, July 12, through Monday, July 15.

Clinics – A Great Introduction to Smart Pickleball
Tuesday, July 9 / Wednesday, July 10

Prem’s clinic is a wonderful, cost-effective option to experience and implement the Guru’s Smart Pickleball philosophy!
The two-day clinic, held from 9:30 am to noon each day, is for newbies and for those that want to get the fundamentals down! Only $97, you receive five hours of coaching and instruction.
Plus, if you register for the clinic, you can attend the semi-private (limited to 12 participants) on Wednesday, July 10, from 2 pm to 4 pm for only $67!
“Thanks so much for the excellent experience at your Tucson Pickleball clinic. By focusing on what to do and when to do it, it didn’t matter what the skill level the players had. We could all focus on improving our game with your step by step approach. You gave us the tools, now how much we improve depends on how much we want to put into practice what we learned, and the time we dedicate to mastering it. The combination of the clinic and your Smart Pickleball book is a great way to physically learn and apply the fundamentals, and then be able to go back to review the details we might forget since there was so much information. First rate content, organization, and instruction.”
-Gordon, November 2018
You can register for the Cincinnati clinic here:
You can find more information about clinics in general here:

Bootcamp – The Fastest Way to Improve Your Game
Friday, July 12, through Monday, July 15

Prem’s Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience is more intensive than the clinic, and it’s much more individualized. We limit bootcamp to only 8 participants to ensure that you and your game receive the most attention!
“I know other 5.0 players that know him, and they said he was the best in the business.”
-Sharon, Vero Beach, January 2019
You receive a lot at bootcamp, including:

“If you’re really serious about improving in a shorter period of time, by someone who really knows what they’re doing, I would encourage you to do it.”
-Stephen, Vero Beach, January 2019
Bootcamp is for those intermediate players (3.0 to 4.0) that really want to elevate their game quickly. With only you and seven other participants, you’ll receive lots and lots of individualized attention on your game.
Bootcamp is $1997; if you use coupon code OHIO you’ll receive an amazing and unique pickleball experience for $1497 ($500 off!)!
Coming with a partner, you’ll receive even bigger savings – $1397 for each of you, and as a foursome, $1297!
You can register for the Cincinnati bootcamp here:
And you can find more information about bootcamps here:

Need More Information? Have Any Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact me!
Randy Mantiply
I’m happy to help and answer any questions about the clinics or bootcamp!
Hope to see you on the courts!

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