Drop Shot Drills!

Mastering Drop Shot Drills for Precision and Control

In this issue, we're diving into the world of drop shot drills – a key aspect of enhancing your finesse and control on the court. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these drills will help you elevate your game to new heights. Let's get started!

1. Basics of the Drop Shot:

Before we delve into drills, let's revisit the basics. The drop shot is a soft, finesse shot from the baseline or transition zone that barely clears the net and lands just behind the net on the opponent's side. Why do we need to master this shot? You need to make your way to the kitchen line, what I often refer to as the Party Line. Remember my #1 rule in my book Smart Pickleball: This shot Buys You Time so that you can make your way to the Party! The team that dominates the net wins the game.
Remember the mechanics: Bend your Legs! Soft Grip, Contact the Ball Out in Front of You, Hit the Ball just Before the Second Bounce, Follow Through and step towards the net. 4 Secrets To Get your Dropshot To Go Where you Want

2. Drill #1 - Target Practice:

Set up a designated area near the net where you want your drop shots to land. Partner up and take turns hitting drop shots to this target. Focus on maintaining a low and controlled stroke, aiming for consistency in landing the ball within the target area.

3. Drill #2 - Ladder Drill:

Arrange a series of cones (or some kind of marker) from the kitchen line back to the baseline on your side of the net. Starting close to the net at the kitchen line. Remember, the mechanics of a drop are just about the same as a dink with just more follow through. Practice hitting drop shots over each marker. Gradually move back after each successful shot, aiming to maintain accuracy and depth as you increase the distance.

4. Drill #3 - Net Clearance Challenge:

Stand near the net and partner up. Take turns hitting drop shots to each other. The challenge is to clear the net by the narrowest margin possible while still landing the ball within the opponent's kitchen (non-volley) zone. This drill hones your ability to control the ball's trajectory with precision. Make sure you clear the net! It is ok to have the arc of the ball 12 to 18 inches above the net.

5. Drill #4 - Drop and Drive:

This drill focuses on the transition from the drop shot to a well-timed drive shot. Start by hitting a drop shot, then quickly move to a ready position to hit a drive shot in response to your partner's return. This simulates real-game scenarios and enhances your ability to read your opponent's reactions.

6. Drill #5 - Random Placement:

Have your partner call out a location for the drop shot just before you hit it. This drill trains your adaptability and quick decision-making skills, helping you become more unpredictable on the court.
Remember, practice makes perfect! Incorporate these drop shot drills into your training regimen and watch your finesse and control soar.
Have Fun! And Remember, it is only Pickleball.

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