Ep 9: Twofer! 2018 Nationals and Rally Scoring

In the latest episode, I discuss the awesome pickleball at the 2018 Nationals Tournament. I move to a different topic and talk about rally scoring – what it is, why some pickleball players use it, and if I would like to see it come to tournaments!

Still Time for an Awesome Pickleball Gift!

I’ve got my clinic and bootcamp schedule set for 2019 – AND I’ve got some Holiday savings for you! For the clinics, if you use code BF2DSP you’ll receive 20% Off for both the two-day and the semi-private!
Ready to experience right away (or rather, really soon!)? I’ve got some openings for clinics in Vero Beach (January 8 & 9, and January 22 & 23); and for the third Vero Beach bootcamp on February 15, through February 18!
Happy Holidays, and hope to see you on the courts!

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