How pickleball impacts my personal relationships: A response from Jacquee

Recently we posted a question to some of our eNewsletter fans: How has your love of pickleball impacted your personal relationships? The answers we got were wonderful and we’ve decided to post some of them this month – with permission of course.
Response posted by Jacquee.

What an interesting topic!! The “relationships” that I have built through Pickleball are those players that I continue to see at a variety of venues as I travel up and down the western half of the United States. My hubby’s relationship with Pickleball: it’s just not going to happen!
I have often wanted him to get out and play — he certainly has an opportunity to do so with so many levels at our current RV facility — but he just isn’t interested.

Just recently I teamed up with a Women’s Doubles partner and she enjoys competing but for the fun which really keeps me grounded because I’m so competitive — we have a great balance. “Chemistry” is a very important aspect of doubles partners who play on an ongoing basis. You need a partner that can maintain a positive attitude whether you are winning or losing. Both parties need to be able to take constructive criticism to help build toward the maximum capabilities of your combined efforts.

I’ve played with a multitude of partners while on the road and it is a blessing to have a Women’s Doubles partner who wants to keep the team together through “thick and thin.” I’m looking forward to many hours filled with lots of competition and more importantly, FUN!!
One last comment, YES, I do talk about Pickleball among my non-playing friends and because of this, I’ve had several friends want to try it and once they do, they’re back on the court, again and again. I like to spread the word — this game is truly a game for life!!

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