How pickleball impacts my personal relationships: A response from Lori

Recently we posted a question to some of our eNewsletter fans: How has your love of pickleball impacted your personal relationships? The answers we got were wonderful and we’ve decided to post some of them this month – with permission of course.
Response posted by Lori.

My love for pickleball has affected my life in many ways, some good and others tolerable. To start with the positive aspects, it gets me through the week actually it got me through this past year. In Oct. 2013, my son was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Pickleball has given me a release, a time to get away and not think for awhile. It has given me something to focus on besides my son. That may sound selfish, but it was healing.

Other ways it has affected my life is by surrounding myself with people who love the game as much as I. It has brought me friends from many different states. It has given me many new shoulders to lean on when I feel hopeless. It has brought me many new people to laugh with.
My pickleball family keeps growing and so do the prayer chains for my son. How can you ask for more than that from such a wonderful community.

On the down slope, my husband gets sick of hearing about pickleball. I’m sure it drives him crazy to hear me strategize with my partner or talk about what we want to work on. Actually, we relive play by play on the phone several times a week. Although my wonderful husband doesn’t say much about this, it probably drives him crazy. I think he is so gracious because he knows I need pickleball in my life. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is so understanding of my needs. I pray I meet his needs the way he does mine! I love you Phil And PICKLEBALL ROCKS!
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