How pickleball impacts my personal relationships: A response from Vera

Recently we posted a question to some of our eNewsletter fans: How has your love of pickleball impacted your personal relationships? The answers we got were wonderful and we’ve decided to post some of them this month – with permission of course.
Response posted by Vera.

I started to play Pickleball and loved it. I had taught tennis for twenty-five years, so Pickleball was a great sport to learn to play.

Happily my husband was willing to learn to play and he also loved the game. We play everyday and practice shots together. I like to play with him, but Hate to play against him; I don’t like losing to him. Any ideas to overcome that? When my son and his wife came to visit we invited them to come play Pickleball with us. They love the game and play in lots of tournaments and do very well. My son is a 5.0 player now. I am really proud of them. We all love to talk Pickleball. It is great to have that in common.
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