KISS….. Maybe the solution to a bad day of pickleball

Pickleball, Like Life Is About the Journey, Not the Destination..

If there is one thing I’ve heard about life from pickleball players around the country, it’s this. From retirees, to people who have quit their job to build a business around pickleball, to those who wish they could, my wife Wendy and I have received lots of admiration and support for the not-always-easy and definitely-sometimes-risky choices we have made to prioritize enjoying life now rather than waiting for “someday.”
The same goes for your pickleball game. If you can find ways to feel less frustrated during your learning process, you’ll be better able to enjoy all the games and hours or, yes, even years before you achieve your “ideal” level of play.
How often have you let a lousy morning of pickleball impact the rest of your day? How many times of you replayed your bad shots over and over in your head? How often have you sworn with frustration when you miss a put-away shot?
There’s more to life than playing pickleball well (but you already knew that), and there’s more to pickleball than making every put away or drop shot.

Years have gone by and I have had the privilege and honor to play many pickleball games across this globe. I loved competing as well as just playing this crazy game we love.
One thing I always do when I am not really playing to my optimum level, or I see my fellow players struggling, I always suggest them to KISS.

Kiss of course….
I am not meaning that passionate tryst when two people share it,
Although its definitely a great experience
Is it than a compassionate peck you share with your child, parent or a pet. Certainly a great expression of love.
This one is another expression of love. Love of this game

Whenever you feel you are not playing great, resort back to what I call the basics or fundamentals.
Here are some suggestions:
Try to keep the ball in play. Meaning instead of trying to hit very difficult shots, do the best you possibly can to get your ball over the net, knowing you can only score if the ball is in play.
Keep your ball more in the middle of the court or between the your two opponents. His give you safety of real estate! Don’t go for the side lines.
You get two inches of leverage if you pass the ball over the middle of the net compared to either side of the net.
In the middle, you create confusion between your opponents.
Try to be aggressive while you or your teammate are serving as you are likely to score a point or few. Take more chances, the only thing you lose might a serve.
Maybe be a bit more conservative while receiving a serve, as a rally lost leads to points to your opponents.
Curtail your fancy shots for a higher percentage shot.
These simple methods which I call THE KISS method will be more joyful in a tough situation.
I suggest you read a book written by Brad Gilbert called Winning Ugly.
Next time you are playing and feeling you are not in the zone try the KISS method.
As always, have fun playing this crazy game we love and remember, its only Pickleball.

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