Pickleball Can Be Really That Simple (and Smart!)

Some refer to playing Smart Pickleball™ as the difference between checkers and chess!
You can go out and whack at the ball and hope for the best…
…you can play strategically.
There are lots of strategies that you can apply (and I’m sure that you’ve heard a lot of them from friendly pickleballers!).
But I’m here to tell you now that there are two simple strategies that you can use which will greatly improve your game!

Don’t Invite Your Opponents to the Party

Most parties end up in the Kitchen, and pickleball is no exception!
The team that dominates the line will usually win the point, and this is where the receiving team has a decided advantage.
After the return of serve, BOTH players receiving should be at the Kitchen. And because of the double-bounce rule, the serving team is at a marked disadvantage – they must try to make their way to the Kitchen.
So strategy Number One is:


Do not invite your opponents to the party!
Let’s say you try to drop the ball into the Kitchen while your opponents are back – there’s five things that can happen, and four of them are bad!
One: Your opponents can’t get to the ball and you win the point (okay, I’ll concede the first one, BUT…
Two: The ball goes into the net and you lose the point.
Three: The ball goes out of bounds and you lose the point.
Four: You hit a shot to somewhere mid-court, and your opponent drives the ball between you and your partner. Again, you lose the point.
Five: Your opponents are quick enough for the short shot, and you lose your advantage at the Kitchen.
Make the serving team work for it! It’s hard for the serving team to get to the Kitchen! Don’t make it easier for them!

Like an Old Friend, It’s Always There for You

The second strategy that I recommend is going to the middle.
And by middle, I’m not talking about that perfect center line in the middle of the court!
I’m talking about that oh-so-sweet spot between your opponents.
The middle has loads of advantages that I have written about before!
The last day of bootcamp is live play with coaching during points so participants can put into practice what they’ve learned.
During points, they heard me say numerous times “Keep them back!” and “Middle! Middle! Middle!”
And the team that usually employed these strategies typically won the point!

For Newbies and Pros Alike

When people ask me for tips, these are the two that I give to rapidly improve your game.
And it’s not just for newbies to the game!
Check out some of Ben Johns’ doubles matches on YouTube. Sure, you’ll see an Erne now and again, you’ll even see an ATP (Around The Post) or two.
But what I really want you to notice is how often he hits winners to the middle and how often he keeps his opponents back!

Want to Get Coached Up on These Strategies?

Then bootcamp is made for YOU! Three and a half days, over 15 hours of coaching, catered lunches, and much, much more! Check out this page if you’re interested in attending a bootcamp, and be sure to use coupon code WEBINAR for $500 off!

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