Pickleball Drill: Walk the Kitchen Line

Pickleball practice drill written by Jacquee Ware, a fan of the Pickleball Guru.
Two players start at the opposite ends of the kitchen line across the net from each other. Then doing nothing but dinks, using both the forehand and backhand shots, walking the kitchen line placing the ball just in front (they use their forehand dink shot) or behind (using the backhand shot — no fair running around to the forehand of the player across the net. This allows for a player to get really comfortable at the kitchen line with the dink game and allows a player to learn how to place the ball where they really want to instead of just “guessing” where it’s going to go. Also, the practice helps keep the ball low to the net instead of sending it high for someone with very long arms or a poacher to put away the ball.
It’s really helped me out in pickleball. I used to do it a lot playing tennis, but since I really was a baseliner most of the time, it only helped when I was at the service line. But, I was able to get to a lot of shots that most people thought were winners and able to control the ball to wherever I wanted to place it (that is, again, once I got there!).
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