Private Lessons

My bootcamp offers the most individualized coaching available – I limit it to only eight participants to ensure that I focus on your game. And maybe you want an even more individualized coaching experience?

What Do I Focus on During Private Coaching?
I focus on what you need to make you a better player. Before the lesson, I’ll ask what you want to focus on, and I’ll tailor this coaching to you. When I notice other aspects of your game that may need some help, we’ll work on that, too.

Can My Partner Come?
Absolutely! I can work with you individually, or one, two, or even three other players! So up to four!

Where and When Do You Hold Private Coaching?
That depends! Typically, privates are held the Thursday after clinics, or in the afternoon the Monday after bootcamp.
I currently live in Vero Beach, Florida most of the year, so if you’re in the area, that’s an option.
I also drive to most of my clinics and bootcamps, so a stop in your neck of the woods is certainly a possibility! I may ask that you secure a court if this is the case.

How Much?
Private lessons are $480 for a two-hour block, regardless of the number of participants. For example, if your coming with a foursome, that would be $120 per person ($60 per hour).. To reduce credit card fees, I do request one person make the purchase and collect money from the other participants.

How Do I Sign Up?
I would recommend sending me or Prem's an email first so we nail down the date / time / location.