Does Smart Pickleball with The Guru Make A Difference?

Written Testimonials

Pickleball bootcamp is a game changer. Three-and-a-half days of instruction, plus court time to practice what I learned, has taught me valuable skills while identifying and correcting habits that have limited my game.Prem’s patient and clear teaching, and his ability to articulate ways to attack problems and respond to players across the net, have enabled me to bring more successful strategy to my play. I’ll definitely be back, and I look forward to applying what I learned in these intensive sessions.

I learned so much from this 2 day experience. As a matter of fact when I returned to my home pickleball court and played, my opponents said and I quote:
“Whatever you paid for that clinic was well worth it….your play is spot on.”
Please extend to Prem my sincere appreciation and he truly is the Guru of Pickleball.

Have a great time back in Costa Rica! It was sure a great trip for Hannah and I. I have been meaning to keep in touch as I know you care about your pickleball students/friends and appreciate feedback. I enjoy getting your newsletter and I do enjoy pickleball videos and podcasts and articles also. I am all about playing as well as I can, as long as I can! I am also open to suggestions you may have as to which of your camps would be a good fit for me to attend next!

We are impressed with Prem & his ability to assess & correct our mistakes when playing Pickleball. Our improvement was noticeable by the group we play with & we played up a skill level with confidence! We marveled at his ability to teach, observe, coach, & correct every participants individual issues. We have taken many classes but none that helped us improve our game as he did. The Pickleball Guru is absolutely a rare find; he delivers.


[Bootcamp] has been a lot of fun… I’ve taken lessons from Prem before, but it’s been really good to have a little more time to do the indepth work.
My wife bought Prem’s book a couple months after we started playing pickleball… but coming to Bootcamp adds on to what the book says, to give you a deeper understanding of WHY the strategies he has work. It’s so much more helpful to have him working with you on the court rather than trying to pick it all up from the book.
I’ve been able to really understand what I’m doing and get a better grasp on what changes I should make…
What I like about Prem is that he gives you a chance to come to your own realization that the changes he’s suggesting are good. He believes in what he’s saying, but he doesn’t pressure you to do it his way…
If you’re thinking about coming to Bootcamp, come with an open mind, ready to make some changes to your game.”

A huge thank you to everyone who made this two day Pickleball clinic experience possible. Awesome job by all involved. The lessons were extremely enlightening!
I’ve been playing PB for 2 years, love the sport, but feeling so frustrated because I couldn’t seem to better my game. Well, already within one day on the court after clinic, I WAS thinking smarter, recognizing the importance of buying your time , concentrating more on “dancing with your partner” and being cognizant of each shot coming from your opponents. Huge difference in how to approach the game!
Prem thank you for engaging us in conversation and skill development to better understand why we do what we need to do on the court for a great Pickleball game.

Thank you for the wonderful experience attending your pickleball clinic in Louisa VA. I learned more in our short time together than I had learned in the last two years. I have been competing in one sport or another for the last 65 years. Your instruction seemed like it was personally monitored toward my current game. I have played eight times since returning home and would rate my performance as very good or better in six of my times on the court.Thank you very much for the chance to attend.

What a great time Michael and I had at your clinic! I am still talking about the clinic with my “pickleball peeps!” Being able to physically watch Prem teach what he wrote in his book draws the total picture of playing “smart pickleball!” He covered the basics of the game to instill the love of the game. Loved all the drills and enjoyed all the practice we got from them.
I took the word “SMART” and incorporated to what it means to me after the two days of Prem’s clinic.
“S”….strategies, what is your next move?
“M”…muscle memory, train the brain to make the right move at the right time; be it the drop, dink or volley.
“A”…angle shots are the winners!
“R”…repeat, repeat, repeat the drills to become a “smarter” player!” THE SECRET TO SUCCESS IS CONSTANCY TO PURPOSE!
“T”… time, buy me time for the right shot.
I thank Prem for making me a “SMARTER” pickleball player after this clinic. I know now what I have to work on to be an exceptional player. I still have nightmares of my elbow attached to my hip to rid my tennis swing. Looking forward to more of Prem’s clinics.

The 2 day clinic in Pocomoke was so enlightening. Prem was wonderful and I would love to attend another clinic anytime he is in the area. I love the game and hope to continue to improve!

The best way to summarize my feelings is to say “I didn’t know what I didn’t know”. The basic drills we performed were essential in learning certain strokes, but the best part were your teachings on strategy. I can now visualize where to be on the court, and when to be there. My game has really improved. Thanks Prem.

Thank you! I gained valuable knowledge and experience that has helped my game (I had some ‘Gecko’ shots the next day”!) I especially liked how you spoke to us personally when asking questions or working on technique on the courts. I have been putting it into my game, and although I am finding that ‘adjustment’ period you spoke of, I am not letting it cause me to fall back to old habits. I look forward to future news online, and to next year.

I left the Smart Pickleball Clinic a bit skeptical and confused. I was unsure how some of Prem’s ideas could translate to playing in my own club. Now, one month later, my game is much improved, and I am getting points on more advanced players because of techniques Prem taught. Thank you!

I’m not the typical pickleball player. I’m a very athletic 30-year-old male. Who just like everyone else, was hooked from the moment I stepped on the court. I figured I was going to destroy my competition; I mean they could barely walk. To my surprise and displeasure, they wiped the floor with me. From that moment on I then set out to be the best. I practiced relentlessly. I got better, but I was only able to be on par with my competition. I was watching multiple YouTube instructional videos daily and practicing more than most people play. But I was progressing very slowly and could not figure out what I was doing wrong.
I saw a post on Facebook about Prem Carnot’s clinics and  after the research I was sold and signed up immediately. I had only been playing for 5 months at the time of the clinic, I went into it with an open mind hoping that he would somehow be able to make my game better.
All I can say is WOW!!! Just after three days of Prem Carnot’s clini my approach to the game completely changed. Prem broke the game down in a relateable way that was easy to understand. He was able to point out my mistakes within minutes and helped me correct them even faster. He gave helpful tips for drilling and helped me “Play Smarter” pickleball.
Do yourself a favor and take Prem Carnot’s clinics, lessons, boot camps, or whatever he has available. He knows Pickleball and will make you a better player. All I know is, the next time Prem Carnot comes to my neck of the woods I will be the first one to sign up!

I enjoyed the experience. I like the fact that you rotate people around so every one can play with many different players. The drills are logically organized. The demonstrations and instant question answered situations it generated provide a realistic way of learning. You taught me that I should be calmer and focused when playing.

I cannot say enough great things about your clinic and private lessons. My husband and I had both read your book and were trying to practice many of the wonderful tips of which you write. But to be able to hear you speak about these concepts, listen to you explain in greater detail and then get to practice over and over under your watchful eye was terrific. You have a great teaching style. You are warm and engaging and you made a good effort to include and encourage everyone, even those most reluctant or indifferent.
What I liked best about your teaching style was that you emphasized that what you were teaching was “a good way” not THE only method to playing smart Pickleball.  By doing that you took the pressure off of me to feel I needed to do it exactly your way and then I could concentrate more on how to execute within my limits. I now feel more confident on the court and much better prepared to deal with the no finesse blam slammers.
Quick story: There was one couple in your clinic who was there only because the wife dragged the husband. He felt he knew way too much about the game to need a clinic. In fact he spent most of the first day giving out his own advice. After the clinic on the second day, he asked my husband and me if we would play with them. During this match, my husband and I played and practiced everything we had learned in your clinic. The other couple reverted back to their old style of play (much like ours before the clinic). Long story short, we won the games easily.
Afterwards the husband remarked that he needed to start practicing what you had taught!

First, MY GAME HAS DEFINITELY IMPROVED. I must admit I had my doubt — not about your teaching but about my ability to learn at my age and my slowness to “learn” anything and not being an athletic person has not helped my game in the past either. As you instructed – I am concentrating on one of the many things I learned — that being to “follow the ball”.
Second, YOU ARE GREAT!!!!! as a teacher, who has a unique ability to be so in tune with your students — even though you had 20+ of us and calmness about you that everyone observed and was reassuring to all of us.
Last but not least is how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to spend time with you off the court, to play pickleball with you and to get to know you as a person and learn to “calm down” off the court as well as on the court. As I said to you already, that person who wrote that he is your biggest FAN will have to get in line behind this lil’ ole lady from Louisa!

I had only been playing Pickleball for 7 months and wondered if I should take the clinic.
Were my skills good enough to take a class from this “Guru”? I knew if I could learn one thing that improved my game it would be worth it. I was delighted.
This clinic doesn’t just help improve skills but also makes you think about why you are doing it.  Although there were around 30 players, Prem was quick to point out what I was doing incorrectly and took the time to correct it. I’m looking forward to taking another class next year.

If Pickleball players want to learn the most effective, powerful skills and strategies to disarm the very best players, they need to take Smart Pickleball clinics.
Your strategies neutralize opponents  who might be more skilled, athletic or experienced and force them to be gazelles to be picked off by the crouching tiger!
Your clinic was a masterful balance of theory, demo, and practice. Thanks to your carefully chosen drills your students emerge from the clinic well on their way to having their new skills embedded into muscle memory.
Bravo and much thanks! Can’t wait to take on some of my old nemeses with my new skills and strategies! …Looking forward to your new workshops.

I really enjoyed the clinics I attended. You did a fabulous job instructing me on improving my game. I learned a lot of things that I can apply to my game. I learned that I need to keep my paddle up and I need to bend my knees to get a good drop shot in.  You even noticed the way I held my paddle and suggested that I put two fingers up on the paddle to give me more control of my shots. This has been a big help to me.
Thanks so much for coming to Pocomoke and sharing your expertise with us. It was such a nice time spent with you learning new things about playing pickleball. I really enjoyed our time together!

I had only been playing Pickleball for 7 months and wondered if I should take the clinic.
Were my skills good enough to take a class from this “Guru”? I knew if I could learn one thing that improved my game it would be worth it. I was delighted.
This clinic doesn’t just help improve skills but also makes you think about why you are doing it.  Although there were around 30 players, Prem was quick to point out what I was doing incorrectly and took the time to correct it. I’m looking forward to taking another class next year.

I went into the clinic to enhance my skills and I walked out of the clinic with a whole new way of improving my game, by Prems great teaching skills. I feel by using the skills I was taught will enhance my game by at least 85%. Prem taught a lot about playing the soft game against a power player and how to be ready for any shot that comes my way by having my racket in the ready position at all times… Over all it was a great experience for me. It will enhance my game to a much better level.

I recommend clinics to all players, regardless of skill level. Going back to basics has provided me with a good foundation from which to grow and develop. We also took a private lesson which was very well tailored to our particular needs. Prem is a great teacher! After each short “talk” on a specific area of play, we were able to put into practice what we were taught. That will help me continue to apply the principles I learned. We had opportunities to play recreationally before and after the clinics and Prem played with us, which was a real treat. I highly recommend The Pickleball Guru Academy!

I really enjoyed your clinic in Grants Pass. It was a special treat for all of us to have so much of your individual attention. I had read your book twice and agreed with your strategies – they just seemed to make perfect sense to me. After the clinic I was sold on the idea of changing much of my game to play “Smarter Pickleball”. I wanted to wait several weeks to see how I felt after introducing your new ideas. With practice and by taking me ego out of the game I started playing games with new energy and a real game plan. I just finished a tournament and won 2 Silver medals. I believe what you were able to teach us helped me play “Smarter”. I still have a long way to go but thinking about the 5 rules of smart pickleball, practicing the strategies you teach and having increased confidence (thanks to your encouraging teaching style) has already begun to show improvement in my game. Thank You!

Prem, Thank you for the class. You’re a good teacher–you gave me some useful tips and pointed out some errors that I was unaware of. It was an enjoyable and valuable experience.

I very highly recommend Prem to teach/coach anyone when it comes to Pickleball… He has a great understanding of the game and a simple tip or two can make one’s game a whole lot better. He has given me some very good suggestions here and there over the years… Some of the things that make Prem such a great coach/teaching pro are his smile, warmth, approachability, passion for the sport, and his earnest desire to see you improve.

I saw an ad and decided to take a class from Prem, and I am so glad I did. He exceeded my expectations by over delivering. He was very attentive and has an eagle eye that doesn’t miss a thing. He worked my tail off but I came away with so much knowledge and experience, I know it has improved my game 100%. I like to have fun while learning and with his easy going, pleasant personality, it made the class very enjoyable. I look forward to taking another class from him and encourage you to do the same.

I was so happy to meet you and to see the easy of play teaching you shared with us. The take away for me was Smart Pickleball trumps slammers, bend your knees and keep your paddle up. Thank you for your time.

Your pickleball clinic today helped me identify some of the specific areas that I need improvement. Most pickleball clinics teach the basics of pickleball. You gave me specific solutions to correct and improve my particular game. I think that players at all levels could benefit from your method of teaching. Thank You.

Prem, I just wanted to let you know that the class you gave my son and I has made a big difference in my game. I started playing in July of this year and really enjoy playing but the strategies that you taught me have changed my game. I look at the way I and the people I play with in a new light. Using these strategies and skills have made me a better player. I look forward to entering some tournaments this coming year. My son has never played and you were able to take his tennis skills and turn them into pickleball skills. I look forward to my next trip to San Diego and another lesson. Thank you again.

I enjoyed and learned much from your ‘touch’ [Fall Finesse] clinic and am trying to incorporate some of the elements to my game. You made me much more aware of the mental side of the game and I will always be grateful for that. …Keep teaching; as a retired elementary school teacher, I know something about passion and effective pedagogical methods and you possess both. I wish you success because you continue to pass on the joy of pickleball to many, including me. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Aloha my friend.

I enjoyed my lesson with Prem and felt it was an excellent use of my time and money. I’m a beginner so I have a lot to learn. Prem was patient, did a good job of explaining and critiquing my skills, and gave me techniques to practice. I definitely learned during the lesson and I recommend his classes.

It was really worthwhile for me to be in your lesson. Of course, you immediately robbed me of what I thought was the strongest part of my game, my hard spinning serve, but I definitely understand your rationale. Last night, I practiced your long, deep, slow serve, but I also laced it with a few of my hard serves. Interestingly, people had a harder time returning the serve you taught me. And as you said, it gave me more time to get myself set into position. The entire hour and a half with you was drill/practice, and most of us were able to nearly “perfect” the shot you were teaching with that repetition, which shows the importance of those drills. My expectation of the lesson was that I’d be able to address some skills and aspects of the game that I wanted help on. In particular, I wanted to learn how to transition from a power game to a short game, and I clearly learned that. Now I just need to spend as much time drilling the baseline-to-kitchen shot as we did on the serve. Your manner was very encouraging and positive, and I would definitely benefit from another lesson with you.

Prem, Thank you for your patience and insight into my game. Your instructions where very helpful and are sure to improve my game.

I finally got to have you as an instructor. You did an outstanding job, very simple, easy to understand, very calming. Do hope to continue with your instructions.Your lessons are fantastic, really did enjoy both days. Very excellent and simple instructions.

Thanks Prem. I really enjoyed your clinic. I am a big believer in lessons and, since I have only been playing Pickleball for about 6 months, I probably have not developed too many bad habits, above what I already had from playing tennis for many years. I thought the lessons were especially helpful, in that we talked about what the goal for each exercise was and then had sufficient time to practice it. Your helpful tips during our practice sessions were very valuable and corrected any bad habit as they occurred, rather than letting them become ingrained. I think your approach to improving our Pickleball play is outstanding and your enthusiasm about the game is infectious and your insight into what works and why is invaluable. I look forward to whatever else comes in the future.

I found Prem’s clinics to be beneficial. His approach is kind of like building blocks. He tactfully offers constructive suggestions on how you can move your game up to a higher level.

Thank you again for your help with the paddle and staying and playing with us after the class. Your instruction and style are easy to understand and practice.

Thank you so much for coming to Poway and teaching us the “serve and return” class. “Lofty” shots are foreign to me, so as great as I might think I am a server (I really thought I was!), this certainly was an eye opener. I am grateful we had a fun group and enjoyed your relaxed, calm and non critical style of teaching. We all basked in your “perfect!” response when we finally got it right, however the “short!” made us cringe and laugh at each other. I think I got it after the 40th time. I need to learn patience it seems.

Thank you for your guidance and instruction yesterday at Twin Peaks. I have been playing for 18 months with players of varying abilities. I learned more from you in 90 minutes than in all my previous experience. Your teaching has great value and you have a personality that makes your commentaries and critiques very helpful and non-threatening. You set goals that are clear and essential for any player of any ability, to take their game to a new level. I will highly recommend you to anybody who loves Pickleball, and wants to improve their game and their enjoyment of the sport. Thanks again.

Prem not only teaches proper technique and court position, but how to influence and anticipate your opponents’ next return. His love for the game is contagious and you will end up a better player for attending his classes. Thank you, Prem.

Since I am new to the sport I was reluctant to take a class but I am glad I did. Your teaching style is relaxed and I was comfortable learning new things. The drills come back to me while I play now and I can hear your voice “Missy …get back to that line” . Another benefit of your class is that I found a partner to play with in the recent tournament… 2 bronze medals! Thank You, Prem

I was looking forward to taking a group lesson with Prem, and I wasn’t disappointed. Not only was his instruction clear and easy to follow but best of all he gave us the needed drill time to really get into the groove of the shot we were working on. And during that drill time we continued to receive his feedback on our execution of the shot. This was very valuable for me to get further along in making the shot work during the lesson, rather than leaving the lesson and then trying to work on the shot during play time. Excellent lesson Prem, thank you. Look forward to more in the future.

Prem, Vera and I just loved our lessons. You are very giving and knowledgeable. You went the extra mile and then some. You drilled in some great muscle memory in our serve, return and dink game. We’ve never had a short game but we have one now. We’ve enjoyed your lessons so much we’ve gifted some to our friends. Prem, we can’t wait to come back to San Diego for another lesson.

Very valuable time on the court with Prem. Much repetition improved our understanding of the serve. Most valuable for us was the work we did and the instruction we received in (1) returning the serve, (2) the serving team hitting the third shot, and (3) understanding our placement on the court, moving forward as a serving team and knowing the value of even the fifth shot in a rally. Our instructor, Prem: patient, communicative, insightful in evaluating our skills so we can improve as players. Thankyou.

I really enjoyed my lesson today with Prem. He’s fantastic! I think I learned more useful material about Pickleball in that 90 minutes than I have in the last two years. His conceptual understanding of the game is profound yet he simplifies it all so well. It was exactly what i needed right now! His patterns and drills fit very well with my game and really give me something to chomp on over the next year. When he comes back next year… and I assume he will……

Me and a couple of pickleball friends decided to take a lesson from Prem and to all of our surprise we were totally amazed at the tips which Prem gave to us on how to improve our game. If you are like me have been playing for a couple of years and improving but noticed what you might be doing wrong but can’t figure out how to implement those ideas that you need to go to the next level. Well I can say that with Prem I have four things to work on and have found that they are making a difference. Just a simple thing as counting my unforced errors and working on a goal of keeping the errors down to 5 in a game has made me think of where to put my shot. I found his knowledge of the game to be tremendous. I would recommend that everyone who’s looking to improve their game should take a lesson from Prem – he has the knowledge and experience to get you going in the right direction. Thanks again, Prem and I look forward to taking another lesson..

One of the most fun spontaneous things I have done recently is taking a pickleball lesson with Prem. He happened to be in our area (Vancouver Island) and I signed up for a lesson after I met him at a fun tournament where, as he says himself, he was playing a lot better than anyone else but was not being obnoxious about it. This is rare and impressive. What I wanted from the lesson: I have been playing recreationally for 3 years and I am an intermediate player who is not athletic nor competitive. In other words, I probably will not get that much better. But I think I can still learn things that could make it less frustrating when I play against better players. The advice I was looking for was duly given in the lesson and I walked away feeling I accomplished something. To give my first impression after the lesson: Prem is methodical and supportive. One of the best things about him, he is so relaxed at all times that it is almost impossible to get stressed when he is around. He is one of the nicest people you could meet, on and off the pickleball court. He has a great sense of humor and, unlike other coaches, does not get abrupt, aggressive or overwhelmed. Prem is unflappable. Unlike so many other coaches, he does not have an inflated ego that could get in the way of the teaching. In that sense he truly is a guru and a Master Yogi. Prem has obviously mentored a lot of players. He can instantly see what you are doing wrong and he knows ways that will get you to do something about it. You can tell he loves his job as a pickleball coach. He works whole heartedly and is fully committed even if it has been a long day and even if you are perhaps not as committed as you could be. At the very least, a lesson with him is an extremely enjoyable way to pass an hour and a half and definitely worth it if you want strategies to get more fun and success out of playing pickleball. Thanks Prem.

My wife and I very much benefited from and enjoyed the clinic we took from Prem. Prem is very direct in his observations and directions. There was no confusion as to what he saw as areas needing attention. He offered very practical solutions on what we could do to improve our game – both individually and as a team. We had a number of weak points, and Prem identified the most flagrant and started us working together to re-mediate the problems. We ended up learning how to play better together. Well worth the time and expense.

Prem was easy going, prepared, and detailed in his instruction and practice. I found working with him to be joyous and fun. He always put me as his student, first and at ease. He was open to any question posed to him. I found him to be extraordinarily competent and expert in his field. Prem put thought and effort into the practice exercises he had designed to help me. I would recommend and use his services again. I got to know him over a two week period and can say unequivocally that I trust him. He is an honorable man.

It was truly wonderful to meet you after hearing so many awesome things about you from Marc and Bev. I appreciated reviewing the strategy for serving long, returning deep, and third shot short. The reinforcement of these shots and practice drills were helpful. In addition, I learned that lifting the ball is more beneficial than “hitting” hard and easier on the body. Last, which is difficult for me to always do, is keep my paddle up and in ready position. You have an easy style of teaching and a very comfortable way about you which makes it easy to work with you.

Thanks so much for driving up here to give us such valuable instructions. You had my trust from the very beginning by watching us hit some balls and analyzing our abilities. As you taught us the deep serve, the deep return and the dink from the baseline, your continued observations and constructive comments helped us achieve these shots often enough to give us confidence that we can do them. The 3 things that you told us that really hit home with me are: 1.) to improve, you have acquire consistency, 2.) to acquire consistency, you have drill, drill, drill. And, the 3rd. is “keep that paddle up and ready”. I think the idea of a hula hoop as a target for practice is a great idea. I hope by our next lesson I can show you that I followed through on those important concepts and put them to use! I’m truly motivated to take my game to another level from the help you have given me! Pickleball is a HUGE part of my life so having new goals to improve is very exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Thanks so much for driving up here to give us such valuable instructions. You had my trust from the very beginning by watching us hit some balls and analyzing our abilities. As you taught us the deep serve, the deep return and the dink from the baseline, your continued observations and constructive comments helped us achieve these shots often enough to give us confidence that we can do them. The 3 things that you told us that really hit home with me are: 1.) to improve, you have acquire consistency, 2.) to acquire consistency, you have drill, drill, drill. And, the 3rd. is “keep that paddle up and ready”. I think the idea of a hula hoop as a target for practice is a great idea. I hope by our next lesson I can show you that I followed through on those important concepts and put them to use! I’m truly motivated to take my game to another level from the help you have given me! Pickleball is a HUGE part of my life so having new goals to improve is very exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing you again.

Thanks Prem, It was a great lesson. I believe that you are a true student of the game. You dig deep into the strategies and techniques of the game. You impressed me with your question of why I hit the shot (my purpose). I have seen many good players who have no idea what they are doing or for what purpose. You are filling a void in the game that other teachers have not explored. If anyone has a chance to take one of your clinics, they will receive a great beginning into the basic of the game. Advanced players need your service to help them see themselves and the mistakes they are making. It is a rare person who can correct their own faults; we all need the eyes of an experienced teacher. I would like you to produce a DVD on the strategy of the game.

Hello guru…. it’s that guy that traveled seven hours just to have a clinic with you in nowhere land Fallon….. my game has picked up big time… I have a doubles partner in the area that’s buying into your way of playing… we are absolutely killing everybody in the area… these were guys that we would’ve previously lost to…. using your simplest long serve, serve return and third shot dink philosophy. I have eliminated most of my previous weaknesses with this simple philosophy. But not quite ready for open division play. There is much interest in people from this area with you, many people commented about my improvement before I told him that I went to a clinic…. they call me guru Junior now 🙂

Thanks Prem for your tips and strategies yesterday. I was your best student the entire 2013 Nationals Pickleball championship. You have done a great job as a coach.

Prem is an exceptional pickleball coach. He held a 2-day clinic here in NJ for a group of about 24 players of all skill levels. He is personable, skilled and thorough in his methodology. His clinic consisted of a teaching session, followed by a practice session where the players were immediately able to put into practice the skills they were just taught. All players were able to return to their respective clubs with new skills to work on.

The techniques and strategies I’ve have learned from Prem has taken my game to an entirely new level. If you are a beginner or a seasoned player and you are looking to improve your game, I strongly recommend Prem as the go to guy…you will not be disappointed!

Prem’s coaching is extremely valuable for players at all levels. He breaks each facet of a coaching session into easy to understand and easy to implement tasks. He is very patient and helpful and can teach by example, since he has excellent skills. Since our coaching sessions I have been at locations where Prem is also either playing or coaching. He always stops by to watch how I play and to offer helpful tips or advice, without being preachy or overbearing. I have learned a lot about the game from Prem and will take additional coaching sessions whenever he is in the local area conducting classes.

Prem is an excellent coach! We had players with a wide range of abilities at our clinic and each and every player received individual attention as well as overall instruction in group drills and play. We are still all talking about how much we learned in the clinic and marvel how much our play has changed and improved. I highly recommend and endorse Prem!

Prem knows the game of pickleball and how to convey that knowledge to others. Accordingly my game has improved by following his observations and advice, so give him a try with yours.

I tried to cancel, due to a pinched nerve in my back, but was too late, so i attended the clinic with paddle & pushing a walker. The first day I tried to do the drills with & without the aid of the walker. On the second day I was just too sore to participate in the drills, but listened to the instructions from the side line instead. Although I am still unable to be out on the courts, I look forward to the day when i can practice what I learned at the clinic.S o thank you Prem for not allowing me to cancel out on your clinic.

Hi Prem, This is to let you know how much we enjoyed our lesson with you. As you know we traveled over 3 hours one way to meet with you and it was definitely worth the trip. We’ve surprised ourselves at how much our play has improved at the kitchen line just by being ready and practicing the drills you showed us. And today, just a few days after our lesson, someone said to me “boy you are really getting good’. We both feel so much more confident knowing how we’re supposed to be playing the game. Thanks so much.

Hi, Prem, Thank you so much for a great clinic! I learned so much AND had a lot of fun. Your warmth, sense of humor, and excellent teaching techniques made it so worthwhile. The class consisted of students of various levels yet everyone seemed pleased with the knowledge they gained. Thanks again. Best of luck to you with your tournaments.

I highly recommend Prem’s Pickleball Clinics. He teaches you a complete game plan to improve your performance. He introduces each section with a short lecture and then has the students go out on the courts and practice the shots with constructive evaluation provided while you play. Before I attended this seminar I would go out and play to try to hit a winner on every shot and just hope I’d get better by repetition. I didn’t really have any goals. Now I have specific objectives which I can practice every time I play. I don’t worry about trying to win every game. I just work on improving my shots and making fewer unforced errors. And another good feature of working on shots is that you can practice them if you are playing against beginning players, intermediates or advanced players. With specific goals you are more concerned about improving your shots than winning. And it’s still a lot of fun.

As a 79 yr old guy who has always loved (and still does) all racquet sports, I felt like I was getting beaten up by the pickleball smashers. Now, after just 5 hours of instruction, I feel like I can learn to control the game and compete with anybody. As with all sports, it does take practice and I’m willing to be patient and work at the game. I was also pleased to be introduced to a well balanced paddle. The control game requires and balanced paddle and now I have one. Thanks for that too.

I’ve played pickleball about a year and knew I wasn’t doing many things correctly, but didn’t know what they were, how to correct them or where to get good instruction; the courts can be very intimidating with so many
seasoned players. While visiting Melbourne, FL for the winter a PickleballClinic was offered by Prem. The drills Prem puts you through and his by-your-side nudges helps establish ‘the feel’ of the correct serve, dinking properly to gain the advantage, and planting yourself in front of the ball. I’m very grateful I was able to attend the Clinic… now to practice and put into play what was taught.

Prem, As you know I was hesitant on signing up for your clinic. You know “50 bucks is 50 bucks”. However,
I have found it to be a very good investment since I spend most of my Florida days on a pickleball court.
The clinic has changed the way I approach the game. I know I am quick and aggressive on the court and
used that to my advantage. After the clinic I go onto the court using my brain as much as my physical ability.
Starting the game with the deep serve and returning with a deep shot has saved the panic of getting to the kitchen line. I feel I can capitalize on being prepared for my opponent’s attack shot plus know what to look for
in my opponent to know when to deliver particular shots. And so on… Thanks for increasing my confidence
in the game. I have two tournaments coming up and will do my best to make you proud. You say winning isn’t
everything but you have me pumped to make it easier to WIN. Sorry, that’s in my blood.

Prem’s teaching style is awesome! He highlights the techniques specific to your game that need tweaking. After only my first lesson, I have a much better understanding of how I play and what specific things I can work on to improve my shot control and placement. Thanks Prem!

Just wanted to thank Prem for the excellent clinic held this week at Hilton Head SC. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard he was coming to town, but I signed up for both his clinic and the small group lesson. Both were excellent – and I have completely changed how I play the game.
Prem not only told us WHAT to do, but he explained WHY what he was telling us made sense to playing better pickleball. Can’t wait to practice what I have learned so I can improve. Thanks again – hope to see you again and show you my improvement.

I really enjoyed our session today here in Sun City. You gave us some really good tips and instruction. Others involved in the clinics had positive things to say about their experiences as well. We hope you will return to Sun City in the future.

Superb clinic!!! Prem took the time to explain why you should and should not do certain things. It is amazing how changing one little thing can make such a huge difference in my level of play. Not only is Prem an excellent teacher, but he is personable and approachable. He truly wants to help you improve your game. I would recommend this clinic for anyone who is open to finding out how to be more competitive in pickleball.

I don’t know if it could have gotten any better! …from the weather, Prem’s manner & teaching, future drill ideas, meeting new friends… to Stan & Terry opening their home to us… I had a wonderful experience, thank you!

Wow …you sure delivered on your promises!!
I have been playing pickleball for two years now. Like most pickleball players I learned the rules, developed my shots, figured out some strategies, and have become, what most people would call a “banger.” After playing in a couple tournaments, I found out the need for dinking if I ever want to become a more complete (and hopefully a better) pickleball player. I thought because I have some mobility issues (two knee replacements and a third surgery for a complete quadracept tear)… I would always just to have to play harder!! Visiting Melbourne I heard about a Pickleball Guru coming to town and offering clinics .. I immediately signed up. I was so excited and anxious to learn everything!!
Your phrase to play “Smart Pickleball” was something I never heard before but it will now stay with me forever!!! Thinking about shots that give me more time…not expending so much energy on just hitting hard shots, playing the 3rd drop shot, dancing with your partner, learning how to dink by bending and lifting the ball in front of you…looking for your opponents mistakes…and most importantly taking time to practice the drills are drilled into my brain!!!
I am so appreciative of the information you provided, your personal attention and demeanor and all of your positive reinforcements!! (“Soften your shot Lois!” “Play Smarter,” “Bend your knees!” I can’t wait to go back home and share some of the information with our two clubs!!
Thanks soooo much Prem for everything!!! I am looking forward to developing my dinking skills and to Play Smart Pickleball!!

I’d like to first THANK YOU for taking time away from your family to travel and help all the many people you have help with their game including myself. I had no idea the impact this game would have on me when I started and could not be happier with this sport and the people I continue to meet along with it.
I was not sure what I as getting into as well when signing up for your clinic other then maybe help me here or there with certain aspects of the game. Little did I know that not only would you help me with that but also change my entire out look and strategy with in the game. I would always get stuck into the “power” game with lots of speed. After the last 3 days spent working with you and conversations off the court I realized the importance of “time”. Slowing the game down and creating the high percentage shoots you preached.
Not only did I take the “create time”, “high percentage”, “smart approach” away from your clinic I also took a lot of the personal conversations off the court to heart. SLOW THE GAME DOWN and KEEP UR PADDLE UP AND READY! Our personal conversations about family and life in general made me also see that this stands true in our everyday live also. SLOW DOWN and enjoy life and the experiences around you. PADDLE UP AND READY means to enjoy life but always be ready for anything that might POP up in front of you as long as your prepared and do your best there is no reason to hang your head.
So thank you Prem for all your time, patience,and the way you made us all “think through” the process rather then just giving answers. This clinic has not only made me a better player but a better person!

The Intermediate Semi-Private Program was the most productive Pickleball instructional session I’ve attended.
Prem asked the group what the focus should be rather than relying on a pre-planned agenda. He
used the Socratic teaching method to keep the students mentally involved in the class. Prem was able
to deliver insightful training related to strategic positioning on the court that I was able to immediately
implement to improve my game. Not only was the program very helpful, but also an excellent value for the cost.

When I signed up for the Pickleball Guru’s Clinic in St. Louis, I was barely a 1.0 player…and now I’m a 5.0! Just kidding, of course!
I knew I would probably be the one player who made everyone else look good, so my husband and I drove over from Kansas City for the weekend. The best part of it was that everyone was challenged to learn new skills, and we all struggled with learning new ways to serve! Prem encouraged us to “keep doing what we’re doing that works,” but also showed us new ways to mix it up and keep our opponents guessing! I only wish I’d signed up for the small group or individual lessons to get more coaching.

Since I am an average (at best) player, I was extremely hesitant in signing up for this clinic as I knew our best players would be attending and that I might have to play with them. However, I found that they too struggled with some of your exercises and that made me feel OK about my level. I am not sure what I expected, but you made me feel welcome at the very beginning of the clinic and your calm teaching style, during the lecture part as well as the actual hands on part, made me want to reach out and do my best. I was really tired at the end of each session but it was a good tiredness as I felt good about what I accomplished with your help and will carry this accomplishment on in future games. I hope to attend another clinic with you and hope you return to Oklahoma City soon. Thank you again for your patience and encouragement.

I recently took your clinic and learned so much! You have a way of looking at a whole group of learners and you are able to see exactly what each one needs. Each person feels like the clinic is just for him!

I thoroughly enjoyed your clinic recently. I certainly can see where your methods can/do work. I felt you addressed several of area for me personally. Since the clinic I have tried to incorporate what we leaned/were taught into my game. I like the mix. I thought your teaching methods were well thought out and easy to follow. Really appreciated the one on one in a large group.

I am a beginner with hardly any experience, so I was very apprehensive about attending. All though there were people with different levels of experience, Prem quickly learned their level and taught to them directly. There was about 40 people in the class, but I never felt ignored. After Prem explained and demonstrated a technique he put us on the courts to practice. He may have been 3 courts away, but he saw everything, and was quick to correct you. The first day we were given name tags, and the second day about 2/3 of the people forgot their name tags, but I was amazed that Prem knew every one’s name. Which was a great personal touch. I highly recommend this training for any beginner like myself because you learn the right way before learning any bad habits. I also took the semi private class which was well worth it. Prem is deserving of the title Guru. When he comes back to the area I will definitely take his course again, but this time the advanced training.

Teaching is a art and you my friend are an artist. Thanks for coming.

The 2 day clinic in Pocomoke was so enlightening. Prem was wonderful and I would love to attend another clinic anytime he is in the area. I love the game and hope to continue to improve!

Thanks for the excellent workshops. You are a natural teacher. I appreciate your ability to break down each Pickleball skill to three simple thoughts and actions. Come back next year!

Thank you for such a great clinic. I was a little hesitant to come to the clinic because I am a new player and not very athletic. However, Prem made me at ease immediately and the clinic drills have made me confident that I can play with others and that I already have some skills that are good! Very much appreciated the way the clinics were conducted with real drills and tips. Also, thanks for being so friendly. I felt like I belonged and didn’t make a mistake in investing in this clinic.

Had a great time and enjoyed working with and learning from you. Everyone was terrific and I appreciate the patience and guidance given by you. I’m still sore!

Happy to start the game with great directions from you. I was the only real beginner, it seemed everyone knew how to play. After the first evening I had more confidence, though I know my serving needs major work, but I could hit the ball! You helped me form good beginner habits. Thank you Mr. Guru.

My wife Julie and I were very excited about taking your clinic. We had recently watched your webinar and learned some really good pointers and we hoped that doing your clinic would elevate our games. We loved it! You really brought up some things we never would have thought about on our own. We are putting our new knowledge to the test every game. Cant wait to get more playing time. We would tell anyone considering doing your clinic DO IT ! Thanks so much.

My husband and I recently attended the Pickleball Guru Academy in Pocomoke, MD. It was a wonderful experience! Prem was very attentive to each one there and made us all feel special. Even though we have been playing Pickleball for a couple years, he had us go back to the basics and reevaluate our style of play but at the same time made it clear that if something already is working for us, his way is only one way of doing it. He is very personable and it was a pleasure to meet him and work with him.

The 2 day clinic in Pocomoke was so enlightening. Prem was wonderful and I would love to attend another clinic anytime he is in the area. I love the game and hope to continue to improve!

Both clinics I attended, the 2 day group in Pocomoke and the individual 4 person clinic in Ocean Pines, were excellent. “Paddle Up”, “don’t move back” and “dancing” with my partner are helping me improve my play.
Everyone who attended these clinics came away a much better player…Practice, practice, practice… Have fun and GAME ON.

I had heard about Prem from a friend who highly recommended him. My friend was right!! I signed up for a lesson when Prem visited our location. From the outset, he was interested in what we wanted to improve upon. He worked with as a group of four and also spent individual time “coaching” us on execution. He is a gifted instructor and has a very good communication style.
It has been two weeks since the lesson. Like any lessons, initially you take a step backwards as you try to improve the execution. I am thrilled with what he taught me and the results show it. I have improved my baseline drop shots dramatically and my net play has also improved. I am convinced with additional practice and confidence, it will continue to pay off. Thanks Prem!!

“The real value is for a more advanced player to book a private session with a foursome at the same level. Playing points, doing drills and getting instant feedback, discussing issues of strategy and shot selection, learning techniques to use against different types of players. Each one of us walked away with 2 or 3 tips that would immediately elevate our game.
All you advanced players! Invest in your game. Get your friends together and book a private foursome with Prem when he is in your area!
Great job Prem! We enjoyed every minute!

Thank you so much for coming to Pocomoke! I’ve really become somewhat obsessed with pickleball this summer and I thought I was getting pretty good. That is until you imparted your great pickleball wisdom. I’m going to approach the game differently now. I’m looking forward to becoming more competitive by using the many strategies you shared with us. The day after my private lesson I was able to do a perfect chicken wing in a real game and scored a point too! Thanks again. Maybe I’ll be ready for an advanced clinic someday.

I was a little apprehensive about taking a lesson based on my previous experience with a top teaching professional. I think what I enjoyed most was your willingness to allow me to tell you what benefit I was looking for and then adapt your lesson plan accordingly. The hour and a half lesson went very smoothly and I not only received instruction in the areas I was interested in but also came away with some additional insights that I believe will be very helpful in the future. I would recommend your clinic and private lessons to others.

Dear Prem, I’m telling you about my lesson. Love it. Been to the Nationals V, Returned home and wanted to improve. Saw your Ad, met you and you evaluated my game. Lesson was one where you worked on my stance, paddle position, arm movements, and other important pointers. Than the work began,”We Drilled hands on, one to one.” That’s where I learned how to correct the things I was doing wrong. Tell someone how do something is one thing, showing them one on one how to do it is worth its weight in gold. I left the lesson with more skills than I came with. Anyone who wants to go to the next level of their game would benefit from Prem’s expert coaching skills.

In just one private lesson, Prem was able to convey to me what my strengths and weaknesses were and how to make the most of this knowledge. He seemed to enjoy the lesson as much as I did and was generous with his time. We were on court a good half-hour past the allotted time and afterward he had high praise for my game and gave good advice to take it to a higher level.

I recently (November 2013) took a private lesson with Prem at my home. I am 71 and am beginning to slow down quite a bit. I have been playing pickleball for some 15yrs. and never had a private lesson before this. I often would play singles and beat people half my age; lately not any more. I needed someone to watch me play and give me some strategy tips to play smarter and conserve my energy. Prem immediately caught my intentions and focused on ways to play smarter. He spent close to 2 hrs with me and gave me a number of helpful suggestions. I look forward to putting them in play. Thank you big time, Prem.

My pickleball partner and I greatly benefited from our lessons with Prem! We requested help as individual players and as teammates and that’s what he gave us!! Prem spent ample time working with us on ways to control the pace of the game, teaching us why it is so important to do so, and practicing, practicing, practicing high quality moves so that our muscle memory would serve us well as we move forward as players. We walked away with concrete knowledge of what to work on and how to practice (as individuals and as partners). Prem is very passionate about the game and also about his philosophy that pickleball isn’t so much a power game as much as it is a game that requires competitive players to “work smart” and strategically force their opponents to make the errors. I highly recommend working with Prem!

Ten months ago I entered a 4.0 tournament and didn’t win. This past month I won two gold medals in the 4.5 division and I attribute it all to Prem. Most recently, we created some upsets among the top players when we played together in a tournament in the 5.0 skill level. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone that wants to improve their game.

I have only been playing pickleball for a little over a year. I was hesitant at first to take a private lesson because I thought only serious advanced players would do such a thing. I started to play pickleball with a tennis background and knew if I wanted to get better I had to unlearn some of those techniques. Well I can tell you that after only one lesson with Prem, he was able to recognize those tennis strokes and immediately set out to demonstrate to me the errors of my way and that even a beginner can strive to improve to the next level. His Zen approach to teaching forced me to analyze and question exactly what I was doing and why I should do something differently. He was so supportive and did not hesitate to give praise when praise was due but never criticized me doing something wrong. Wow I can’t wait for another lesson or have to him come to our club for a clinic. He took a 2.5 player to 3.0 in only one lesson. Great job my friend.

In your private lesson, you helped my husband and me to be much better and smarter partners. And you helped us to see the past error of ways in our doubles style and how to overcome them.

I was lucky enough to have a lesson from Prem when he was in Palm Creek giving a clinic. Not sure what I expected but what I learned in an hour and half lesson was amazing. After asking what you would like to work on we quickly got to work. Prem has the ability to see what you are doing wrong within a few minutes. He got me to see I was too far from the kitchen line and some of the area I could work on. He got me to correct this quickly and show me drills to help. His positive comments helped me try even harder. The hour and half was full of hard work but loved every minute of it. I really appreciate the skills he gave me to up my game and the tools to try them. Now it is up to me to keep up the practicing and use those tools.I would highly recommend Prem to teach a clinic and definitely would take another lesson. He re-enforced my enthusiasm for the game and my quest for learning to improve.


All of the information that you continue to provide really helps my overall game and continues to improve my mental state. For the past few months, I have not been afraid to go onto any court and “just play” with usually a few wins when I leave the courts. All of your advice has really helped!! Good luck for the remainder of the year — you’ve been an inspiration to me throughout 2013

Hello Prem, I read your article last night and made a point to put it into practice today at melba..wow what a difference in my play when i made a conscience decision to play the ball sooner at the NVZ usually before it bounced. I used to find myself backing up and up and up, but no more! The other team wanted to know if i had been taking lessons..well sort of huh? Keep the articles coming!

Prem you are a natural at instructing players in a clear and understanding manner. I got so very much from your instruction including a lot of Ah Hah! moments. Im hanging up my Phi Slamma Jamma for the art of PB. Thanks Prem!

Prem, we are so blessed that you chose to be our guest in our home and on our courts. We thank YOU for going so far out of your way to share some of your valuable time with us. You’ve made lasting impressions on all of us and please know that you’re always welcome in our home and in our community. We’re honored to call you a “forever friend”. Please keep the house key as a reminder that our door is always open to you and your family.

First, Rockwood Park Pickleball Club ROCKS! I want to share my experience with the Pickleball Guru Clinic. Though the drills were excellent, it was his explanation of how and why the drills would be used during a game that was most enlightening. Prem’s personality and warmth were exceptional, but his observations and insights were most impressive. I wouldn’t hesitate to take his class every year it was offered! Thank you.

I attended the clinic (my first ever!) with the intention of learning the techniques and nuances of the game to take my game to the next level. Learnt everything from being paddle-ready, serving, returning, dinking (crouching) and waiting for the right ball to kill it (pouncing). My biggest struggle was in slowing/changing my serve. Coming from a tennis background, my game was all about power. My biggest takeaway from the clinic is to soften my power game and strategize more – Brain over brawn! Prem is warm & personable. His teaching style is very engaging and gives encouraging feedback. I know it is easier said than done but I look forward to assimilating what he has taught and incorporating it into my game.

The recent clinic was a wonderful, in-depth experience. First of all, it expanded the “Smart Pickleball” principles that are outlined in the book. However, the clinic did more than just demonstrate these techniques. Perhaps most importantly, the sessions gave the students just the right amount of time to practice these tips, and encouraged students to practice on their own to incorporate the principles. Once given these tools, a student can benefit greatly by regularly practicing and using them, most effectively with a partner who is also motivated to get better. And given this material, a player who practices can improve greatly!! Thanks ever so much.

Outstanding clinic!! Good well paced instruction, good assistants. Great experience!

Thanks so much for the GREAT workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play Smart Pickleball. I was unfamiliar with the “dinking” strategy and playing “Smart” Pickleball. Your individual time and attention were appreciated. It was nice to hear how to play the game with a strategy that would keep us seniors on the court for many years.
Thanks again,

I felt it was a informative and useful clinic, glad that I attended and would recommend you to others. We took what we learned and will be sharing it with others in our PB group working to get us on a similar page in terms of playing smart PB.

Being new to pickleball, having played maybe 7 or 8 games the instruction I got is something it might have taken me a year to learn on my own. My instinct was to hit the ball hard but I learned finesse is more important. But I also learned how and where to position myself, the proper way to hold the paddle, and how to counteract any of your opponents offense or defensive moves. I recommend the course to anyone but especially the new player that wants a jump start. It was a great experience.

We were looking for a fun sport to learn together. We found pickleball and the Aiken Pickledilly’s club got us going. We started buying books and teaching ourselves drills when we found Prem. We took the Cayce SC clinic in hot weather but I didn’t notice because I was busy taking mental notes the whole time. For me I learned I was hitting the ball with straight shoulders instead of blading towards target. The drop shot was easier when I used my legs. I learned to keep my paddle high and OUT and it made a big difference. I can watch my opponents shoulder to try to read shots.we learned how and when to loosen our grip. We learned a lot more and I am afraid I will forget so tonight I am going to go through his book and highlight the parts very important to me. We will be at future clinics and we are considering boot camp!!!! Thanks Prem!!

I enjoyed your lessons and have already reaped some benefit. Today I joined a rating clinic and was rated a 3.5 player.
I’m an experienced tennis player, but new to the game of pickleball.
Without your instruction and insights I don’t think it would have been possible for me to pass the skills and players test.
Now I can get matched with players of equal ability for the social fun I’m looking for, and also join in on organized competitive events if I decide to do that.
Two simple thoughts I took away from your instruction:
1. “buy time”
2. this is a “zen” type game. be relaxed…think of a crouching tiger.
Prem is very personable and a talented athlete. He knows how to connect and coach people of all ages and abilities.
Thank you.

Thanks, Prem, for your teaching style and input at the clinic in Cayce. I read and re-read your book and wondered if the clinic would add anything to my pickleball game. Well, IT DID! It was fun and interesting seeing you in action. Since the clinic, my game has improved mainly because I’ve been working on the clinic skills and not worrying that much about the score. What has helped me the most is keeping my paddle up and serving and returning deep in the court. I am “buying into” your pickleball philosophies which make sense. Will you be writing another book anytime soon, and would you ever consider coming to Branson or Springfield? Take care, thank you, and good pickleball!!

I had to leave right away today and did not have a chance to properly thank you for a great 2 day Clinic. I had read most of your book but meeting you and having the opportunity to practice the skills under your guidance was invaluable. Your teaching style is very effective! I just started playing about 5 months ago so my learning curve is very steep and perhaps is just a few degrees less after 5 hours at your Clinic.