Top Pickleball Players: Why They Can Break The “Rules” & You Shouldn’t

Without stopping, make a list of 100 people, situations, experiences and things you’re grateful for right now.
Okay, you can pause if you really need to for a minute between items, but the point is to just keep letting the ideas flow and ask your brain to think fast and think hard.
Making this list will invite you to dig in and recognize the big and small thing in your life that you may take for granted, things that never even make a list of just 5 or 10 things.
This is great to do as a group or on your own, maybe later today or tomorrow after after the turkey has worn off.

Not only does it make the richness of your life more tangible, but you can also come back to this list throughout the year when you’ve had a bad day on the courts and are feeling a little down, on yourself or about life.
I’ll be making my Fast & Furious “Top 100” list today with my family and I’ll post a photo of it to facebook over the weekend with the hashtag #GuruGratitudeDrill.

If you take time to do this drill on your own or with your family, I’d love to see quick photo of your list.

Either email it to me at or head on over to my facebook page and post it there (and make sure to add #GuruGratitude Drill to the description when you post it).

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