The Pickleball Reset

Some people hate to play against bangers!
And that’s understandable – it can be very difficult, especially if you try to outbang your friendly neighborhood banger!
A while back, I sent out a few tips on playing against bangers.
But there’s more…
A couple of weeks ago, I sent out a bootcamp sneak peek on why it’s so important to be able to reset the point against a hard hit pickleball.
This month’s newsletter deals with the how to reset the point against bangers!

I’ve Said This Once or Twice.

First thing: you’ve got to have your paddle up!
The slam is coming over the net – having your paddle hanging down below the net means you are going to lose precious time bringing your paddle up to try to meet the ball.
In fact, if you don’t have your paddle up, you increase the chance of getting one of those pickleball tattoos!
In addition to having your paddle up, I recommend having your paddle out, as far from your body as you feel comfortable with it.
More on this in just a moment!


I know in the heat of a banging pickleball rally, we have that adrenaline pumping and enter that fight or flight response. You either want to bang back, tightening up the body, or you want to move out of the way!
That’s why I recommend the Zen Method – you are calm and your body is relaxed.
Your knees are slightly bent, and the grip on your paddle (really important!) is about a four or five on a scale of one to ten, with a ten being what I refer to as the death grip!

Here Comes the Slam!

When the slam comes, your body works in coordination to respond to it. I recommend lifting up with your legs, and pulling your paddle into your body.
For those that have ever played baseball or softball, when receiving a catch, you probably pulled your glove into your body slightly to absorb the impact of the ball.
Pulling your paddle into your body absorbs more of the impact, taking the speed off the pickleball.
And if all goes well, the pickleball falls into the Kitchen!

Why This Is So Effective Against Bangers

First, this takes the banger out of his or her rhythm!
Second, the banger may not even be ready for a simple drop into the Kitchen! He or she has just unloaded his or her energy into the slam and is certainly not expecting the ball to come back!
Which may present you with an easy pop-up that you can slam back!
Third, you are now controlling the pace of the game! Remember, bangers like the high-speed pace; drops and dinks, not so much!

And If You Want to Learn More about How to Play Against Bangers (and Much More!)

Then please check out the video below – why my bootcamp is the best and most individualized pickleball training available!

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