Why They Can Break The “Rules” & You Shouldn’t

If you’ve been searching around the web for pickleball paddle reviews, I’ve got some good and bad news.

The Bad News About Pickleball Paddle Reviews.

The bad news is that selecting a paddle is a bit like picking a hat –The same one is going to fit 5 different people 5 different ways, not to mention that any one person’s satisfaction is largely dependent on which characteristics are most important to them.
Same goes for pickleball paddles.

So while all the pickleball paddle reviews in the world ARE helpful when it comes to the quality of the manufacturing, they are never going to tell you which paddle is best for you.

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The Best Substitute for Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Now, if you can’t trust pickleball paddle reviews to tell you which paddle is right for you, what can you do instead?
In this article, we are going to talk about what to keep in mind when you’re buying your very first (or next) paddle. My suggestion for that is to try and borrow paddles from your pickleball friends to get an idea of what you like playing with. There are a lot of great paddles out there on the market, but the best way, before you get overwhelmed with it, is to just borrow and try playing with them before buying. Most pickleball players have more than one paddle in their backpack so it’s a great idea to just try it before you buy. I guarantee you’ll keep upgrading until you find a nice one that you like… I went through a fair share of them in my early days when I was trying to figure out what different types of paddles were like and I would buy a lot of paddles. So keep testing them out.
Ideally, at some point, as you get better and better, you’re looking for a paddle that has more power, but equally, enough control.
What does that really mean?
I go into paddle specifications in much more depth in this article, but to give you a quick overview, power is when you are able to hit hard driving shots with less effort. Control is what lets you soften that ball and control it even when it’s being driven hard at you. Certain surfaces have more “pop” which means the ball will deflect off the paddle faster, so you have less control. Power makes it easier to get the ball over the net, but hard to keep it soft or low, that’s why you want the control, too.
If you’re looking for a very good paddle, my signature paddle is a very good one to have because it has the perfect balance between power and control. So if you’re looking for a great paddle, you can try mine (it even has a Love It or Learn From It Guarantee), but there are plenty of other great paddles on the market, too.
So, first try and borrow those paddles from your friends to test it out ’til you get really comfortable knowing what is right for you…
Side out. Now it’s over to you…
Tell me in the comments below, what is or was your biggest challenge when it comes to selecting a pickleball paddle? If you’re a seasoned player, how many paddles have you gone through so far and do you feel like you’ve found “the one”?


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