To Drop or Not to Drop (Part 2)

Last month’s newsletter article was Part 1 of To Drop or Not to Drop!
Yes, I’m a big proponent of developing a good drop shot.
If you’ve ever been to one of my clinics or bootcamps, you probably remember all the drop shots that you did.
In fact, at a recent clinic, one participant mentioned that he probably made more drop shots in one day than, well, ever!
Having a good drop shot in your toolbox will buy yourself some time – time to get to the line, time to get yourself reset for the next shot.

Last month, I recommended NOT using the drop shot when your opponents are back.
In other words: KEEP THEM BACK! Do not give them a reason to come in to their Kitchen line.
Now – two more instances not to make a drop shot.

Perhaps This Is an Obvious One

When returning serve, your partner is (or certainly should be!) already at the line.
And he or she is patiently waiting for you to join him or her!
Which is why I don’t recommend making a drop shot on the return of serve! You want to buy yourself time to join your partner and get set at the line.
If you make a drop shot on the return, you’ve just given your opponents all kinds of time to advance to the line; time you needed to join your partner at the line!
So if I don’t recommend a drop shot, what do I recommend for the return of serve?
Certainly deep, and preferably high!
This will give you plenty of time to join your partner at the line! If it’s really high and really deep, you may also have the time to chat with your partner about what you’ll be having for dinner or the latest Game of Thrones episode!
You and your partner have the advantage of being the only team at the Kitchen – don’t give up that advantage!

A Perspective from the Other Side of the Net

So you served the ball. You expected a deep return. Instead, it came short, about mid-court.
In addition to time, now you’ve got options!
Did the player who returned the serve have time to advance to the Kitchen?
Probably not!
Now, you could try to make a drop into the Kitchen, but because one of your opponents is not at the line, you have the opportunity to drive at him or her, or make an easier shot at his or her feet!
If your opponent was able to join his or her partner at the Kitchen, he or she is probably not set, and you may have the opportunity to drive to the beautiful middle between your opponents!
Plus, a drive from mid-court has a greater chance of success than a drive from the baseline!
Yes, the drop is a shot I encourage you to develop!
And no, I don’t recommend it for every situation!

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