Say What? Pickleball Strategies for Calling Balls!

It’s bad when that shot whizzes between you and your partner!
It’s worse when it’s one of the slow pickleballs that kind of dribbles between you and your partner!
After either of those scenarios, it’s certainly too late to discuss who should have taken the ball.
But you can discuss what to do in the future when the same thing happens!

Select a Caller!

Most of the time, it doesn’t work to have both players calling balls.
“Mine!” and “Mine!” or “Yours!” and “Yours!” at the same time puts you and your partner back at Square One!
That’s why I recommend only one person call the shots – there’s much less confusion between the two of you!
You and your partner just need to decide who is going to do all the ‘talking’ on the court! And certainly decide before the game starts!

KISS Those Calls!

Yes, Keep It Super Simple when calling the balls!
I recommend “ME” or “YOU” when calling. The sounds of these words are clear and distinct!
Some players may say, “I go,” or “You go,” but sometimes the player only hears the “GO!” Especially during the heat of a long rally!
And then that ball slips between you and your partner, or the paddles smack together!

Getting Your Partner to Hold Back

The ball is certainly going to go out and you want your partner to hold off…
Yelling “Noooooooooooo!” is certainly one option!
I personally like “Bounce it!” This communicates to your partner direction and action.
Direction to wait for the ball to bounce, and action to get in position in the event the ball falls in the court.

A Few Final Words on Calling Balls

So you’ve agreed on who is calling the balls!
Now you’ve got to agree to listen to the call!
When your partner calls, “Me!” it’s probably a good idea to not take your partner’s shot!

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