When to Hit a Hard Ball Soft in Pickleball

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In this quick tip video & post we’re going to talk about how to know when to return a hard ball hard or soft in pickleball…

Want More Specifics About How to Hit a Hard Ball Soft?

I have an entire video dedicated to explaining exactly what changes you need to make to your grip, paddle position, and more, in order to be able to soften the shot and take control of the point when someone hits a hard ball at you. It is a free bonus when you purchase The Drop Shot Masterclass, which is my premium online course that teaches you everything you need to know in order to effectively use and execute the most important shot in the game of pickleball. For more info, go to: www.DropShotMasterclass.com

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I often suggest that you hit the ball hard when you want to keep your opponents at the back and on the defense. So when you are receiving a hard shot, it’s the same thing. If they are hitting to you from the back of the court, keep hitting the ball hard at them. This will help you keep them on the back line and on on the defense.

When your opponents are UP at the non-volley line though, and hitting the ball hard at you, this is when you want to return with a soft shot. This is the case when it’s time for you to soften that ball so that you can actually take control of the point.
So remember, hit a hard ball hard when your opponents are back and soft when they’re up front.
Understanding this as a strategy is the first step. Learning to execute and implement it, will make a tremendous difference in your pickleball game. Admittedly, learning to soften a hard shot can be a little tricky, but like I said, it will have a really powerful impact on your game, so make sure you get out on the court and practice converting a hard ball to a soft one.


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